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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: **** Instant Outlining !!! ***

Instant Outlining isn't winning everyone over:    (01)

"Probably the worst problem with the focus on instant
things is that it is very easy for early experience to
be quite atypical. To give an example, early Weblogs
might be interesting not because there is anything
particularly effective about the technology, but
rather simply because the people who opt into the
technology early may be particularly interesting
people, and thus they have something unusually
worthwhile to say. Early adopters aren't necessarily
better, but it is quite probable that they are
different in what may prove to be very important
ways."    (02)

Find the full article (and others regarding wikis and
blogging):    (03)

http://mywebpages.comcast.net/dness/Current/PHD.html#7April2002    (04)

It's not a quick read. The author, David Ness, touches
on email, newsgroups, outlining, the whole gamut. Good
stuff from a retired MIT professor.    (05)

And from http://www.e7l3.com/2002-04-03.htm:    (06)

"I wonder what the fuzz is all about, regarding
instant outliners. Jon Udell also has jumped on the
bandwagon, and Dave Winer appreciates it. Will these
guys eventually rebuild another behemoth like Lotus
Notes R3 (1996)? How often have we all seen headlines
in message threads like: Re: some-new-topic (Was:
previous topic). Such messages point to a lack of
expressive flexibility of all hierarchically
structured presentations, be they supported by tools
or not. It may sound trivial, but this exactly is the
reason why I don't like outliners. Not in NNTP, not in
Notes, and also not in Groove. They are too rigid:
just try to reassign a text snippet to another train
of thought. There are also no simultaneous tracks
(crosspostings are strictly forbidden here), plain
trees only, no meshes, no rhizomes. This is by no
means a new concept, Deleuze and Guattari wrote about
rhizomes 25 years ago (Merve Verlag, Berlin 1977), but
the techies now seem to have to re-invent the concept
again some day in the future. And David Gelernter also
noticed long ago, thinking about his Lifestreams
metaphor, that only chronological order is objective
enough to serve as kind of a primary index. Everything
else could/should/will change soon or later."    (07)

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