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[ba-ohs-talk] "Exploring New Frontiers & Paradigms"

The way it is for the future: Disruptive Technology, Disruptive
Methodology, and a Disruptive Business Model leading to a “Triple Bottom
Line”    (01)

   * Financial ROI
   * Environmental ROI
   * Societal ROI    (02)

Checkout the May 2002 issue of Scientific American since it has a very
good article about "Ultra-wideband" technology:    (03)

     "Radio's oldest technology is providing a new way for portable
     electronics to transmit large quantities of data rapidly
     without wires. ... Ultrawideband wireless technology should
     make possible an entirely NEW CLASS OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES and
     functions that would change the way we live".
     <  http://www.sciam.com/2002/0502issue/0502leeper.html >    (04)

In many ways, it is DaVinci’s “David” emerging from decades of the
classic approach, but creating an enduring approach that will catalyze a
fundamentally different way to approach wireless communications within
the consumer electronics markets. E.G., societal-scale information
systems, global and open communications systems, ultra low-cost
electronics.    (05)