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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Keyword Indexing to Improve Email and IT

NC -    (01)

Thanks for your message.    (02)

Getting people to add keywords is a huge stretch. The whole notion and the
recent ba-ohs-talk traffic on how to manage these simple texts is rather
underwhelming...    (03)

Do you know that this opportunity has been mastered already?    (04)

Please have a look at KnowledgeMail® by Tacit Knowledge Systems.
http://www.tacit.com/    (05)

KnowledgeMail®    (06)

"KnowledgeMail provides full expertise discovery and search capabilities by
integrating with key enterprise systems such as e-mail and document
repositories. KnowledgeMail continuously discovers knowledge by
intelligently parsing electronic messages and documents to learn about the
work-focus, interests, and experiences of each user. The results are used to
automatically generate a searchable, up-to-date expertise database, easily
accessible from a variety of interfaces, including e-mail, web browsers,
corporate portals, and mobile devices."    (07)

David Gilmour, Founder, President and CEO of Tacit was the keynote speaker
at the SF Bay Area and Silicon Valley Spring 2002 KM Cluster on March 28,
2002.    (08)

David gave a brief demo. Even the most seasoned, demo-jaded KM & content
experts in the capacity KM Cluster crowd was utterly speechless at the
profound capabilities of KnowledgeMail®. There where palpable gasps in the
audience. In short, it knocked our socks off.    (09)

KnowledgeMail® is not a concept or idea that will be here 'some day.' It is
mature, production-level enterprise class system providing mission-critical
OHS functionality to some of the largest organizations and institutions.    (010)

BTW, Tacit is also a breakthrough leader in expertise profiling, but it is
the robust automated taxonomical creation of expertise and common language,
that is germane to this thread, e.g.,    (011)

"...a process that intelligently analyzes unstructured content such as
e-mail, reports, presentations, discussion threads, or user data to extract
key "terms" that represent the meaning of the underlying information."    (012)

Sure, KnowledgeMail® is a commercial product and 'not cheap.' However, it
makes sense to acknowledge this achievement, even while ba-ohs-talk pursuit
seems to be open source and other non-commercial or research offerings.    (013)

Cheers,    (014)

-jtm    (015)

John Maloney
Email: jtmalone@pacbell.net
IM:jheuristic    (016)

Create the Future! Join the KM Cluster --
http://www.kmcluster.com/register.htm    (017)

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Keywords are worth trying (if you can get users to add them).
*Subject* keywords *alone* do have a stumbling block, a type
of Zipfian distribution known as Bradford's Law which states that
from either the classification or the searching end, a relatively
small number of terms tend to be used repeatedly, and a huge
percentage quite rarely (like a rather flat bell curve with a big bump
in the middle).    (019)