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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] More bad news about the GPL License: Fwd: [Gxl] GCC Licencing and XML extracts

Hi Richard,    (01)

As the creator of the GNU license mechanisms, perhaps you could comment 
about why anyone should choose GPL over, say LGPL or a BSD-style 
license.  My concerns have little to do with close-source software, and 
everything to do with what I am calling open-source software.    (02)

Jack    (03)

At 02:02 PM 4/21/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>     wanted to generate a discussion about the ethics of
>     creation of closed source tools that use/abuse the GPL
>     and specifically the GCC:
>"Closed source" being the contrary of "open source", that and "ethics"
>do not go together.  The Free Software Movement says that whether a
>program is free or not is an ethical issue.  The Open Source Movement
>was started (in 1998) with the specific purpose of not treating it as
>an ethical issue.
>GCC is the work of the Free Software Movement, but by discussing it
>under the rubric of "open source" you would tend to lead people to
>misattribute it to the other movement.  Please don't do that.    (04)