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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Node Sequencing [Was: **** Instant Outlining !!! ***]

Jack Park wrote:    (01)

> I know of no patent infringement issues; zigzag was published a long 
> time ago and I know of no patents on it.  OTOH, the gzz folks used to 
> call themselves GZigZag and, at the urgings of Ted, dropped all 
> references to ZigZag for trademark reasons. Ted's gonna have trouble 
> with trademarks.  Just google zigzag to see why.
> No, you shouldn't back off anything.  I'm watching some really terrific 
> creativity at work here.  I just injected zigzag to add a bit of spice.  
> Frankly, zigzag is one of those technologies that captivates me in a 
> BigWay(tm), but, also frankly, I hate playing with gzz; it may well be 
> that I'm not able to think in enough dimensions at the same time to make 
> it worthwhile, though I confess that watching Ted run it in his demos is 
> an awesome site to behold.    (02)

I'm just waiting the ten minutes it takes to transfer the 1MB file
onto floppy via Mac OS X. gah.    (03)

I took a look at the Gzz site and it looks interesting. I'll play
with it over the next week or so and see how it shakes out. It
seems strange sometimes that we're all cruising around these ideas
and it (as you've said many times) just would take an infusion of
a decent amount of money to get us all together in the same place
long enough to implement the damned thing. I used to joke with
Eliot (and I think with the topic map group) that if someone were
to start up the right business say, in Hawaii or Barcelona, get
a baker's dozen of us together, we could do this thing.    (04)

Of course, absent that we try to collaborate as best we can. Turns
out Kal is in Oxford, which is near enough to me that we can get
together for beers. Graham's considering a move there too. Following
James Clark I think our next stop would probably be Thailand...    (05)

More on subject, the ideas in Gzz/Zigzag and to a much lesser extent,
OPML, aren't *quite* what I'm envisaging, but durn close. The big
clinker is not so much the ability to sew all those nodes together
in a big, multi-threaded, multi-dimensional representation (heck,
that's *hypertext*), it's taking *that* and adding the *other* view
of the information obtained via a topic-based view, ie., an ontology-
informed view. This is why I named my language (when I looked it up
again yesterday) the "XML Sequence Map Markup Language (XSQM)"; I
think the thing missing has been the organizing principle behind the
links, which is informed by the ontological content. Otherwise, it's
just a big ball of string. I wanna see the overlap of those two maps.    (06)

*That's* where I'm heading, and why I'm excited.    (07)

Murray    (08)

Murray Altheim                  <http://kmi.open.ac.uk/people/murray/>
Knowledge Media Institute
The Open University, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK7 6AA, UK    (09)

      In the evening
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