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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Node Sequencing [Was: **** Instant Outlining !!! ***]

>The big
>clinker is not so much the ability to sew all those nodes together
>in a big, multi-threaded, multi-dimensional representation (heck,
>that's *hypertext*), it's taking *that* and adding the *other* view
>of the information obtained via a topic-based view, ie., an ontology-
>informed view. This is why I named my language (when I looked it up
>again yesterday) the "XML Sequence Map Markup Language (XSQM)"; I
>think the thing missing has been the organizing principle behind the
>links, which is informed by the ontological content. Otherwise, it's
>just a big ball of string. I wanna see the overlap of those two maps.
>*That's* where I'm heading, and why I'm excited.
>Murray    (01)

:) :) :)    (02)

Ok, first of all, let's make it "That's where *we're* heading", and I am 
not just talking about myself here.  My opinion is that whether we like it 
or not, we (people in general) are going to have to more in ?this? 
direction because it represents the solution to several problems that we 
are currently grappling with.    (03)

Now, I could try to start naming those problems, and specifying which 
direction it is that I am talking about, but I don't have the words for 
that right now (or too many words), so instead I think that I'll head in 
the direction of greatest information density.    (04)

Above you say that you want to see the overlap of those two maps.  I think 
that you are actually talking about three maps:    (05)

1. Ontologies = faceted classification.  http://www.aidministrator.nl/ has 
had the effect of equating the two terms for me.
2. Graphs + hierarchies.  On second thought, Graphs is really what we are 
talking about here since hierarchies are subsumed by faceted 
classification. (As implemented at 
http://bailando.sims.berkeley.edu/flamenco-interface.html ) Graphs are not 
subsumed by hierarchies since they can have unnamed edges.  Otherwise, each 
edge could have a corresponding facet.  Even so, having facets with only 
two members is not practical for current implementations of FC, while it is 
for graphs (it being having some unique type of edge that does not appear 
3. Time dependent data, order, and implication (Stay with me here, I hope 
that my explanation for #2 did not put you to sleep). *Trails* is another 
word for it.    (06)

Right?  That's what we are talking about here:  Sequence and Association, 
Left brain and right brain http://www.viewzone.com/bicam.html (see table in 
the middle of page, maybe I'm being flaky about this brain analogy).    (07)

Ok, it would seem that we are back to two things (to me as well), but I 
just realized how it's still three.    (08)

1. Hierarchy   (faceted classification)
2. Association (graphs )
3. Sequence    (blogs )    (09)

We are trying to come up with a system that allows us to handle all 
three.  And it is possible.  Where there is a clearly stated problem, there 
is a solution (or a proof for why a solution can not exist).    (010)

So, I could start listing where all the technologies we've discussed fit 
in, but I think that I best leave this post at this moment of 
clarity.  TouchGraph by the way might appear to only satisfy the second 
requirement, but there is an easy way for it to handle sequence as 
well.  My idea is to add special sequential edges (just a type of directed 
edge).  These edges would function as trails on a map, "many ways to get 
from point A to point B, but here is some advice from a person who lives here."    (011)

Ok, and with that plug I am out.    (012)

--Alex    (013)