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[ba-ohs-talk] Re: Great? idea for improving this list (was Re: [ba-ohs-talk]Freezope learning environments)

cdent@burningchrome.com wrote:    (01)

> Please note that the project that Kathryn La Barre and I are
> working on was started by Kathryn and really comes out of her
> brain. I joined in as a technical resource but then found it
> so interesting I wanted to be more involved. In case it wandered
> into obscurity I'm referring to this:
>   http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/ba-ohs-talk/0204/msg00123.html    (02)

Good to know! I missed that.    (03)

> <SNIP>
> (I imagine a document composer that allows you to compare your
> text, prior to delivery, with a large net-wide classification
> system, nominating keywords and other identifiers that you could
> accept or reject. A system that used vector space style models
> would preserve some degree of privacy (depending on how it was
> done) because the text itself would not be transmitted to the
> service.)    (04)

Yeah!    (05)

> It is intersting to note the Usenet news messages have had a
> "Keywords:" header for a _long_ time. I don't really them
> actually being used for much, though.    (06)

Wrong granularity, but clearly anticipating an important need.    (07)

   It's interesting that in the 80's I had a VC look me straight in the
   eye because I used a word like "granularity" that had no
   commonly accepted meaning, so no one knew what I was talking
   about. These days, I see it everywhere!
</aside>    (08)