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[ba-ohs-talk] MS Office Compatibility

This article
at javaworld.com on using the Apache POI project to read and write Excel 
files leads to
http://jakarta.apache.org/poi/ which is the POI home page.    (01)

What's interesting here is that POI is a system to read and write MS Ole 2 
documents (Word, Excel) using Java.  Combine POI with Multivalent and 
you're that much closer to a HyperScope.    (02)

Interesting quote from the POI home page:    (03)

"POI stands for Poor Obfuscation Implementation. Why would we name our 
project such a derogatory name? Well, Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound Document 
Format is a poorly conceived thing. It is essentially an archive structured 
much like the old DOS FAT filesystem. Redmond chose, instead of using tar, 
gzip, zip or arc, to invent their own archive format that does not provide 
any standard encryption or compression, is not very appendable and is prone 
to fragmentation.
Poi is also a Hawaiian delicacy that Merriam Webster's dictionary defines 
as: "A Hawaiian food of taro root cooked, pounded, and kneaded to a paste 
and often allowed to ferment." This seemed strangely descriptive of the 
file format. "    (04)