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[ba-ohs-talk] Human-Links information organizer

Take a look at the screenshot at http://www.human-links.com/en/demo.php    (01)

"Human-Links benefits from the latest advances in cognitive science and 
artificial intelligence, and technologies derived from research in natural 
language translation. Composed of a system of that identifies core concepts 
and allows users to index and search for web pages accordingly, this kind 
of analysis is able to extract themes from texts and organize documents in 
groups. "    (02)

Human-Links, functionalities :
·       Indexation of textual documents (html, pdf, word…) through the IE 
toolbar or directly from the applilcation.
·       In progress : integration of the toolbar in Netscape and publishing 
tools (MS Office…)
·       Creation of vectors of words that represent documents (all words 
except those in common use)
·       Address of document (local, other disks, intranet, internet)
·       Document preview
·       Summary (if integrated in the document)
·       In progress : Maintenance, periodic verification (daily, weekly, 
monthly) of document addresses.    (03)

It's downloadable for Wintel boxes now (linux, etc later, they say).  I 
don't see any evidence of price, but the tutorial says that in order to use 
it you must sign onto their network, whatever that means.    (04)