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Re: Rethinking Licensing (was Re: [ba-ohs-talk] open source + patents = puzzled)

Jack,    (01)

> hyperlinking and 
> micropayment streams.  If you're going to connect
> with everyone, why not 
> turn the whole web of connections into a financial
> ecology, one that 
> doesn't impact people in the same way that paying
> hundreds of dollars for 
> an operating system that crashes all the time does.
The GPL is not against making money.
Software is free, you pay for time and services.
Micropayment would be great for support and bug
reports. You pay for support, companies buy qualified
bug reports. 
Jobs for writing code are auctioned on an ebay like
opensource work market.
>     (02)

> Consider this: I have this WikiWiki that serves as
> the backbone for plug in 
> Wikis.  
Btw, do you use emacs for editing you wiki?
I have usemod wikit installed, are wikis compatable?    (03)

> ScholOnto is all about: building links between
> information 
> objects.  
Question, do any of you have any tools to deal with
huge amounts of graph data that has some semantic
meaning? Graphs of computer programs?    (04)

>Essentially, the project is
> information-object centric, with a 
> user interface that tries to make things easy.
If you have a user inteface...    (05)

> with my thinking now.  I think that something along
> the lines of the GNU 
> GPL could be harnessed to revive (not wreck) the
> software industry.  
In the times of need, GNU will become more and more
popular.    (06)

> thought, that.  To do so, I am thinking, in relation
> to my Wiki project, 
> that I could publish it with or without a book, but
> subject to some 
> micropayment system.
There is the GNU documentation license, you might want
to look into.    (07)

mike    (08)

James Michael DuPont    (09)

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