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Re: Rethinking Licensing (was Re: [ba-ohs-talk] open source +patents = puzzled)

You are trying to abstract a pricing system.
Price = f(supply,demand)    (01)

>   * Any API you use would receive a fractional
> percent of the
>      revenue, based on the contribution of that API
> to the whole.
The cost to buy    (02)

>   * The API's "contribution" would have to be
> factored with
>      respect to relative size and the total count of
> APIs in the
>      system. 
The cost to sell.    (03)

> I think the negotiation / determination of relative
> value is the
> trickiest proposition -- as is the need to move
> revenues through
> the system, so they are automatically distributed to
> contributors.
You need a market place, buying and selling code,
people publish problems and what they will pay. 
people publish standard solutions and what they want.    (04)

> Then there is the need to know in advance how much
> of the
> revenue will be diverted, so you can set the pricing
> properly.
You need a maket. ebay.    (05)

> But those are mostly mechanical details.    (06)

The devil is in the details.    (07)

mike    (08)

James Michael DuPont    (09)

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