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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: Rethinking Licensing

The risks you allude to may be real, but I don't yet see them.    (01)

How is it that a MS could come to dominate in such a system?    (02)

Especially if, say,
     a) Royalties were capped at 10 or 15% of a product's price.
         (So percentages would be the norm, rather than a flat fee.)    (03)

    b) The warehouse of code suppliers had everyone's stuff
        side by side, so even if MS's routine to do X were there,
        your routine would be right next to it, with pricing and
        user ratings, as well. So if your routine cost less, had a
        smaller footprint, and better ratings from users, why
        wouldn't I use it?    (04)

Paul Fernhout wrote:
....<a description I didn't quite follow, painting a picture
      of the potentail for dire consequences for software
      development, which presumably follow from the system
      parameters, but which I nevertheless failed to see...>    (05)