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[ba-ohs-talk] News related to OHS

Snippets from Free Online Scholarship Newsletter    (01)

* The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has launched Scholars Portal, 
a suite of tools giving library patrons a single interface to the 
electronic resources on the web and in the user's library.
Scholars Portal is based in part on ARL's survey on how libraries use 
portal software. Here's a brief summary of the survey results. ARL will 
publish the full results later this year.
Scholars Portal
* The Open Archives Initiative (OAI) has released the beta of version 2.0 
of its protocol for metadata harvesting. It is now available for 
downloading. The OAI metadata harvesting protocol is the standard for 
interoperable FOS archives.
* The Creative Commons will launch tomorrow. Currently the web site carries 
only an announcement, but check it again soon. The Creative Commons is a 
Lawrence Lessig initiative that will draft and print out custom licenses 
for authors, musicians, and other content creators who want to provide free 
online access to their works and yet retain enforceable rights e.g. to 
block the publication of mangled, misattributed, or commercial versions 
(see FOSN for 2/14/02). Authors will indicate the rights they wish to 
retain by checking boxes on a web from. Software at the site will then 
assemble a licensing agreement that assigns the remaining rights to the 
public domain. The creators will mark their online work with an icon that 
links back to the licensing agreement, which users may read in either a 
"lay" or a legalistic version. The project will also act as a conservancy 
for the content it licenses.
The Creative Commons
* NASA has put online the proceedings of the Workshop on Experimental 
OAI-Based Digital Library Systems (Darmstadt, September 8, 2001).
* The National Centre for Science Information and the Indian Institute of 
Science have put online the proceedings of their workshop on Developing 
Digital Libraries using Open Source Software (April 15-20, Bangalore). The 
workshop focused on two open source packages, Eprints and Greenstone.    (02)

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