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[ba-ohs-talk] The Open For Business Project

http://www.ofbiz.org/    (01)

"The Open For Business Project is an open source project that provides 
tools and applications for business based on Sun's J2EE standard. The 
project is intended to be open and used by a large group of people. Because 
of that it is licensed using the MIT Open Source License. The MIT license 
allows adopters of the technology to customize, use and even sell it as 
desired with no obligations other than a release of liability and a 
copyright acknowledgement for the original source.
The vision of the Open For Business Project is to embrace and enable "The 5 
Ease of Cost
Ease of Installation
Ease of Customization
Ease of Integration
Ease of Use
On an application level this means providing open source best practices 
applications based on a flexible framework. The flexible framework includes 
a number of standard tools in addition to the custom tools provided by the 
Open For Business Project. The goals behind the design of the tools and 
applications are as follows:
Express process, rule, and data definitions in natural languages or XML 
Minimize the code and work needed to implement functionality
Maximize the reuse of existing components
The end result of focusing on these goals is that applications will be 
built, customized, and integrated fast and cheap. A person that is familiar 
with the tools and applications in Open For Business will be able to 
quickly and cheaply produce custom software that satisfies the needs of any 
individual, business or organization."    (02)