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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap and Licensing

Michael Crusoe wrote:    (01)

> <...an excellent summary of the intended and announced vision...>    (02)

Which brings me back to my soapbox, which unfortunately finds
me on the "morally wrong" side of the open source argument, but
which I am convinced is pragmatically correct.    (03)

To wit:    (04)

A modicum of progress has been made toward the vision you
so eloquently summarized, but nowhere near as much as is
necessary or desirable (unless some development has been going
of which I am abjectly ignorant).    (05)

In my own particular case, my ability to do any sustained development
in this arena has been hampered by the need to make a living, which
consumes a majority of my time. (With the remainder being taken up
by various other activities and projects I'm engaged in.)    (06)

I did hack up a bit of code, as referenced in my recent message. Lee,
bless his hacking heart, had the time to examine my efforts, understand
its deficiencies, and improve on it. Eugene and Jack have both produced
valuable, useful software -- but I've had little time to devote to
or improving on either Lee's efforts or theirs.    (07)

I guess I'm not a very good argument for open source software
I'm good at elucidating requirements, though. Hence my frequent posts to    (08)

this forum. Fortunately, there are others who seem to somehow find the
time for open source work. I hope the licensing issues can be resolved
they can jump into the fray.    (09)