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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap and Licensing

We have to be carefull about this one point :    (01)

> * build proprietary add-ons for a GPL'd OHS,     (02)

Creating derived works of a GPled program, and
distributing them is a way to get your self in
trouble.    (03)

The GPLv2 has some difficulties with web services and
linkage, also because there are problems with
definition of derived works and linkage in a web
server  environment. The new version of the GPL will
be specificially handling that, but I don't know if
all the cases are covered.    (04)

> the OHS effort, down
> to building GCC or Emacs or GNU/Linux into a GPL'd
> OHS framework if such
Just look at how many WIKIs you have out there, much
diversity, but also much support (editors, tools, etc)    (05)

Mike    (06)

James Michael DuPont    (07)

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