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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] PSVI (Post Schema Validation Infoset)

At 2002-05-16 20:00 -0700, Eric Armstrong wrote:
>I saw this acroynm in a post recently, and just found
>out what it stands for in another message today.
>What the heck is it, anyway?    (01)

The set of information passed to an application from an XML document after 
a schema-aware processor has processed that XML document.    (02)

It is an abstraction, though a few proposals are out there for serializing 
it into a physical entity.    (03)

There isn't just one PSVI, you have to know which PSVI you are 
talking/thinking about.    (04)

The term was introduced with the W3C XML Schema work, and that work defines 
*a* PSVI relative to that technology, but the term is being used more 
widely.  Note that an application can augment a PSVI and pass that 
augmented set of information to another application.    (05)

I hope this helps.    (06)

................... Ken    (07)

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