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[ba-ohs-talk] Creative Commons

http://www.creativecommons.org/    (01)

You're making a movie and need still images. You're starting out as a 
photographer and want to spread the word. You're teaching a course and need 
materials. You've written an article and you want people to analyze it. 
You're building a website and need graphics. You're a digital artist who 
wants to collaborate with other artists. You're performing a concert and 
need a symphony. You've composed a symphony and want people to perform it. 
How will Creative Commons help you?
Cultivating a New Creative Commons: Creative Commons is a non-profit 
organization founded on the notion that some people would prefer to share 
their creative works (and the power to copy, modify, and distribute their 
works) instead of exercising all of the restrictions of copyright law.
Giving License to Creativity: Our initial goal is to provide an easy way 
for people (like scholars, musicians, filmmakers, and authors--from 
world-renowned professionals to garage-based amateurs) to announce that 
their works are available for copying, modification, and redistribution. We 
are building a Web-based application for dedicating copyrighted works to 
the "public domain," and for generating flexible, generous licenses that 
permit copying and creative reuses of copyrighted works.
Shining a Spotlight on Sharing: We want to make it easy for people to find 
works that are in the public domain or licensed on generous terms. We are 
developing a method for labeling such works with metadata that identify 
their terms of use. Potential users could then search for works (say, 
photos of the Empire State Building) based on the permitted uses (say, 
noncommercial copying and redistribution).    (02)