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[ba-ohs-talk] Case In Point

On this list, we have the likes of Ken Holman,
Jeff Conklin, Eugene Kim, Lee Iverson, Paul,
and ..., and..., and...    (01)

Basically, we've got a HUGE talent pool.  And
we've had it for a long time.    (02)

Suppose that every member of this group at its
inception had the freedom to devote a couple of
years to the project.    (03)

Where we would be today, two years later??    (04)

However, as important as this project is, and as
clear as that importance is to all of us, the fact is
that we are *still* out in the world earning a living,
instead of focusing on this important work.    (05)

Is that a tragedy, or what?    (06)

The only impediment to doing the work has been
the greater tragedy of starving to death. But what
an insurmountable impediment that has been!    (07)

I like free. I *love* free. But when I think about the
progress that hasn't been made...    (08)

And I wonder how the concept of "free" will pry open
the reservoir of talent we need to succeed.    (09)

Please, let me be wrong...    (010)