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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap and Licensing

> That's really too bad. Outside of writing a book,
> that
> was the only possibility in the long list that let
> you
> create something that went out and produced income
> while you're sleeping.
Hmmm..... you can still sell your modules.    (01)

> Everything else is
> labor-intensive,
> which does little to achieve the goal of freeing up
> time
> to devote on the "important" work.
Hmmm..... well, I am not sure what to say, either you
make sure all your add-ones are gpl, or you will find
people opting out very quickly. All of a sudden no-one
wants to contribute because XYZ will be just taking it
a running with it.    (02)

That is what the LGPL is for, providing linkage to
third parties.     (03)

How many of you want to build non-free addons?
Who wants to contribute core code?    (04)

What is the dividing line?
Who is to say what is free and what is not?    (05)

There is not an infrastructure yet, a data model a
transport mechanism. Once that is in place, and it
could be done under the LGPL, then you can start
creating applications.    (06)

mike    (07)

James Michael DuPont    (08)

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