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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] OHS/DKR Design for KM and Licensing

John Maloney wrote:    (01)

> High levels of encouragement and reward for "long-term planning and
> projects" is an ideal environmental characteristic to expanding knowledge
> sharing and OHS success.
> An Asian archipelago off the northeast coast of the mainland, Japan, built
> the world's second largest economy in large part to "long-term planning and
> projects." It was achieved in almost no time!
> Keiretsus and lifelong employment are long-term concepts, for example. A
> cultural foundation is knowledge sharing due to these long-term
> perspectives.    (02)

Yeah. It would indeed be cool if the systems helped to encourage long
term thinking, by making it ultimately successful (as you intimate below).
Being disposed toward long-term thinking, it is galling to so frequently
find it counter-productive!    (03)

> ....
> As an ongoing practice, success will be achieved in the long-term, and needs
> to be continuously encouraged and rewarded to bootstrap the required
> behavioral, process and technology portfolio.    (04)

That makes sense.    (05)

> Furthermore, an effective, well-socialized OHS will -accept- the natural
> rhythms of human interaction and collaborative cadence while nurturing and
> sustaining transparent, highly congenial knowledge ecosystems. This will
> only be achieved by encouraging, rewarding and balancing "long-term
> planning" with the behavioral, process and technology perspectives.    (06)

I like it. "Encourage" in the sense of long term success (and therefore long
term survival) is a good argument.    (07)