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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Human-Links information organizer

Jack Park wrote    (01)

> Take a look at the screenshot at 
> http://www.human-links.com/en/demo.php    (02)

[..]    (03)

Because this ties into some other stuff I've thought about, I took a
quick gander at the product.  I ran into some issues, however, which
I've mentioned to the lead developer, Yves Simon.    (04)

> It's downloadable for Wintel boxes now (linux, etc later, 
> they say).  I 
> don't see any evidence of price, but the tutorial says that 
> in order to use 
> it you must sign onto their network, whatever that means.    (05)

The Wintel support is pretty choppy - the installer flat out doesn't
work on WinXP, and I had runtime problems pretty quickly on Win2K.  This
is what they call their first 'fully functional version' a year after
they released their initial beta.    (06)

The signon to the network ties back, from what I've been able to
discern, to the P2P reference sharing they envision their application
enabling (and which is what drew me in).    (07)

I haven't asked specifically about source or pricing issues, before
anyone asks.    (08)

Yves was excited to hear someone had come across his work - he feels
they need the publicity.    (09)

-Eric    (010)

mail: esinclai@pobox.com
 log: http://www.kittyjoyce.com/eric/    (011)