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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap and Licensing

Yes, Henry van Eyken has kindly posted the address in fleabyte.
This post is a long answer to your question, please accept my apologies
in advance. Some have told me that few know the outcome of the Singapore
trip made by Doug. One of the reasons is that discussions are still
However there is a lot that is already publicly posted, so I will take
this opportunity to give the links again and a little background on
Singapore.    (01)

A. April 27, 2002 
Improving our ability to improve:  
A call for investment in a new future     (02)

Keynote address, World Library Summit, April 23 - 26, 2002, Singapore 
by Douglas C. Engelbart, The Bootstrap Alliance     (03)

Summary. In the past fifty years we have seen enormous growth in
computing capability - computing is everywhere and has impacted nearly
everything.  In this talk, Dr. Douglas Engelbart, who pioneered much of
what we now take for granted as interactive computing, examines the
forces that have shaped this growth.  He argues that our criteria for
investment in innovation are, in fact, short-sighted and focused on the
wrong things. He proposes, instead, investment in an improvement
infrastructure that can result in sustained, radical innovation capable
of changing computing and expanding the kinds of problems that we can
address through computing.  In this talk, Dr. Engelbart describes both
the processes that we need to put in place and the capabilities that we
must support in order to stimulate this higher rate of innovation.  The
talk closes with a call to action for this World Library Summit
audience, since this is a group that has both a stake in innovation and
the ability to shape its direction.     (04)

http://www.fleabyte.org/eic-11.html    (05)

B. A trip report with a day by day, person met by person met, account
written by yours truly, may be found at: (about 1 page of text per day)    (06)

http://www.fleabyte.org/eic-9.html    (07)

The trip report is found mid-way down this URL, at the April 22 posting.    (08)

April 22, 2002 
Email from Singapore,  
where Doug Engelbart and friends are attending the World Library Summit,
"Global Knowledge Renaissance"    (09)

C. Just a few words about Singapore and its relevance to Doug and Doug's
relevance to them. Singapore has just under 4 million people living in
on an island slightly larger than the size of Lake Tahoe. These extracts
are from the remarks at 2 speeches by the US Ambassador to Singapore:    (010)

Statement of Franklin L. Lavin
U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore
Committee on Foreign Relations
United States Senate
July 25, 2001    (011)

"the U.S. has substantial trade and commercial interests in
Singapore, our tenth largest trading partner. Singapore is also the
busiest port and the fifth largest financial market in the world"    (012)

March 22, 2002 U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement: 
Taking Singapore Higher by Ambassador Lavin    (013)

"Intellectual property rights are a third area. I know Singapore is a
firm believer in the importance of generating a knowledge-based economy.
Minister for Education RADM Teo said in a recent speech that Singapore
wants to generate new sources of revenue from technologies, products and
services coming out of Singapore. IPR protection will help that process.    (014)

But while intellectual capital can be a tremendous growth engine, it
needs the right environment. Singapore has made impressive strides but
it falls short of being world-class in some areas. For example, it is
not a crime for businesses to use unlicensed software. Nor is it a crime
to export or transship pirated products. The FTA offers an opportunity
for Singapore to create one of the best venues in the world for
innovation and creativity. Singapore should be a global I.T. center, but
this is more likely to happen if Singapore adopts IPR best practices."    (015)

MLF: There is increasing understanding in Singapore that to be a
knowledge based economy, there is no avoiding tacking the rules of the
digital road. It would be a good result if Doug's principles informed
the foundations of their thinking in this area.     (016)

D. There is a talk on Innovation that he gave as the judge of the
National Infocomm Innovation awards that might be of interest, for folks
to see the impact Doug made in Singapore.    (017)

http://www.fleabyte.org/eic-10.html    (018)

April 23 2002 
Thoughts on Innovation 
Speech at a gala dinner for recipients of Singapore's National Infocomm
awards by Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart 2A - delivered to about 2500 people,
the top movers and shakers in Singapore public and private IT, CEO's,
CTO's etc.    (019)

When I agreed to be a judge for the National Infocomm Awards in
Singapore, quite honestly I didn't know what I was letting myself in
for. When the boxes of paper started arriving in multiple DHL packages
in California, describing a lot of different interesting, innovative
projects, I thought, "oh oh, how ever am I going to be able to evaluate
these people? How can I do the job I want to as a judge when I have no
idea how innovative these products are in the US? Much less in Asia?"
2A1     (020)

Well, I was assured "just do your best!" When someone tells me that, I
know exactly what to do: I always do my best when I augment what I know
and what I can do with the knowledge and expertise of others. I
recruited one of the best guys I knew for being networked amongst the
top people in the US technology community......    (021)

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> Doug's keynote at the World Library Summit is pulling the Bootstrap
> Alliance into the 21st century library community as a place that is
> particularly receptive to his ideas. 
> Mei Lin    (025)

Is the text of Doug's keynote available online?    (026)

Nicholas    (027)

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