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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap and Licensing

Title: RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Bootstrap and Licensing

> From: Eric Armstrong [mailto:eric.armstrong@sun.com]


> As we have observed in the past, open source tends to
> do well when it consists of incremental modifications to
> an existing system, but not for developing new systems.

I suspect that the creation of any significantly new and different system requires great effort and co-operation. I don't think closed-source/non-free systems have any unique advantage. Software (or any other type of rule set) created at an industry or larger organizational level requires great organizational skills, in my opinion.

The open-source/free-software movement has several great victories and many small failures. I think this is true also of the traditional software production paradigms (witness the tragedy of UNIX). Granted we all could do a better job organizing ourselves, but isn't that the point?

> I expect that is entirely do, once again, to the chicken and
> egg problem: We don't have the online collaboration tools
> we need to collaborate remotely on the design of an
> online remote collaboration system!

Agreed! So we have to take small steps -- or radical new ones.
> Existing messaging systems support high level thinking and
> strategizing like this, but they quickly bog down when we
> attempt to sort out the details.

But it's not impossible. None of this is impossible. I consider the lack of a systems-sized OHS/DKR to be the software industry's biggest failure, and I am embarrassed by it's absence.

Michael Crusoe
Student at large