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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] What are we trying to accomplish?

my attempt at answering below.
mike    (01)

> What is it that we are trying do?
We are now moving into the design stage of the
We are looking into functional areas of the problem
and  are going to try and blackbox them for creating
an overview of the problem space.    (02)

We should be creating some form of UML specs for the
system, and annotating these specs in a form that can
be used and linked to the OHS.    (03)

We should be coming up with use-cases for our systems,
class defining artifacts of these system, methods that
are callable on the objects that are instances of the
Data flows datagrams of information flow between
parts, Relational database models.    (04)

All of these diagrams and schemas should be
cross-linked back to defining requirements.    (05)

> What problems are we attempting to solve?
We are trying to come up with a system that allows for    (06)

expansion and bootstrapping.     (07)

Many of these tools existing in the free software
universe, we should go shopping first.     (08)

perl has a huge resource on similar tools that can be
reused. Most of them are under a Perl Aristic Licence
that is much more liberal than the GPL.    (09)

> Are we building:
>    * An online design/discussion tool.
Yes, but we should start focusing on the design.     (010)

>    * A shared knowledge base
As a side product.    (011)

>    * A categorizable archive of requirements
>       and design concepts
Yes, we should capture the requirements and designs
first.    (012)

>    * A database manager with rich linking and
>       categorizing that can serve as a foundation
We should reuse what we can, but we still need an API.    (013)

>    * Some of the above + some delta
I would say we need to have a diagramming tool that
can  plug in with hyperlinks, the touchgraph with more
And we need to have an editor intergration to include
emacs and other editors for editing code and files.    (014)

mike    (015)

James Michael DuPont    (016)

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