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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] What are we trying to accomplish?

Murray Altheim wrote:    (01)

> This is why I'm not trying to develop an OHS, just some functional
> tools for authors. The "synthesis" that is occurring right now is
> happening at the code level, not the design level, such that I can
> fairly easily incorporate other projects (like XML parsers, HTML
> markup cleaners, node visualizers, etc.) into my project, as part
> of my design. ...
> Problem is, we haven't learned how to cooperate at the design level
> in the same ways. We need an open design methodology that works in
> providing requirements handling, resource planning, legal council....    (02)

Fascinating proposition. I believe in focusing on "developer
because of the bootstrap effect that proposition allows.    (03)

Are we talking component-reuse here, or is there more to this
vision?    (04)