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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] What are we trying to accomplish?

>Not to worry. It was just an exercise in explaining why
>we have no specifications.
>Multiply the difference between your vision and mine by
>the number of people in the room, and that's how many
>"OHS" designs we have.    (01)

Good timing with this one!    (02)

I am taking my masters in HCI (University College London) and have
managed to persuade the head of the department to let my main
thesis/paper be on a Requirements Document for OHS. That is to say a
Requirements Document as a way to move towards a full spec.    (03)

This means editing all of your requirements after first interviewing Doug
in a structured manner.    (04)

But before we get moving on the actual requirements capture process I
think it would be useful to get your perspective on how how you would
like the requirements capture process to be carried out. Any specific
preferences?    (05)

You can follow the progress of this enterprise on http://cynapse.org (not
directly named OHS for political reasons, I couldn't get my masters doing
a straight forward Requirements Document for a 'company' so to speak.
Cynapse is therefore a stand-in, but you'll notice a clear basic
requirement is to fullfill all OHS requirements.    (06)

Frode Hegland    (07)

Liquid Information    (08)

http://www.Cynapse.org    (09)

UK: (44) 777 953 3856
US: (1) 877 239 1010    (010)