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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] What are we trying to accomplish?

Frode Hegland wrote:    (01)

> Good timing with this one!
> I am taking my masters in HCI (University College London) and have
> managed to persuade the head of the department to let my main
> thesis/paper be on a Requirements Document for OHS. That is to say a
> Requirements Document as a way to move towards a full spec.
> This means editing all of your requirements after first interviewing Doug
> in a structured manner.
> But before we get moving on the actual requirements capture process I
> think it would be useful to get your perspective on how how you would
> like the requirements capture process to be carried out. Any specific
> preferences?    (02)

I think you're right to start out by interviewing Doug.
Once you get the "big picture" clear, you can contact the rest
of us to fill in the details.    (03)

I look forward to seeing that "big picture". (It may be trickier
to outline than you think.)
:_)    (04)