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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] What are we trying to accomplish?

At 23:40 -0700 2002/05/23, James Michael DuPont wrote:    (01)

>  > First issue is concentrating on the problem.
>>  What kinds of things do we need to be able to do?
>Yeah, that is a good starting point.
>from what I know about this problem, you will have to
>concentrate on capturing the basic use-cases of such a
>system. How it is to be used and interacted with.    (02)

I would like to add: the **benefits** of such a system. In dollars 
saved per person per day, preferably. E.g. it will increase the 
productivity of a user of class A by 5% (?) when performing task B.    (03)

Unless the specific (expected) benefits for specific tasks by 
specific user classes are identified, it's unclear which use cases 
should be supported (i.e. improved) by this system, and that means no 
one knows what to build and why and we are likely to remain in 
going-quickly-around-in-circles mode.    (04)

Also, I'm sure Mei-Lin would appreciate such a list with 
business-relevant expected numbers when talking to business folks who 
ultimately have to fund this (directly or indirectly). Right? ;-)    (05)

Cheers,    (06)

Johannes.    (07)