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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] What are we trying to accomplish?

> What I have found is that he needs a technical person to take the time
> to really sit and listen and dialogue with him     (01)

Well, I think I've been a pretty good listener sometimes. 
I would offer 
as a proof of this. i think it captures several important points of 
Doug's vision I obtained by listening to Doug and to interpretations
from other contributors present at those series of meetings 
when we developed this diagram that Doug called 'Joe's picture'.      (02)

First, an often overlooked feature is that this system need not 
be designed to help solve all problems at once. Really it 
only needs to work for one problem at a time. That problem is 
not necessarily a day-to-day problem, but is scalable to 
providing a solution to a Grand Challenge type problem. 
Of course several could be connected to widen the scope 
of the problem solving.     (03)

Second, there is a progression as features of the problem 
and potential solutions evolve. Content becomes more useful 
as it gets refined by in a cycle, by people and tools who are 
cooperating and contributing to the process.     (04)

Finally, the system is accessible.      (05)

Thank You for asking. I would like to explore and help record 
Doug's thoughts on those three items above of others of 
interest to him. 
Can we discuss this in more detail soon.    (06)

Thank You and Best Regards, 
Joe     (07)