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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Hyperscope and Launch plan - Doug's own words

http://www.bootstrap.org/augment/BI/2120.htm    (01)

should be     (02)

http://www.bootstrap.org/augment/BI/2120.html    (03)

Please notice Doug's description of the progression from 
adding the purple numbers, refining their actual content, 
and how each contribution added to the next - and how Doug 
credited the work. Now they are ready for actual use. 
How?     (04)

The content of the purple numbers gives the first hint in how 
they are actually used. The content is the address of the 
paragraph. When you copy a paragraph with a purple number, 
then the HyperScope is really copying the the source, 
with _All_ markup included, not just the text. 
Now when you paste the paragraph, the original purple number 
link remains attached. If a new purple number is applied to 
the new document, the new number does not replace the 
original, it is simply added to the list.     (05)

In addition, in order to provide an absolute traceability, if 
only a portion of the paragraph is copied, the the HyperScope 
may need to examine surrounding content to find the best  
purple number and other information about the current fragment. 
The HyperScope then would create the link by defining the range 
of the copy in the original text.     (06)

This link retention is done automatically but is under complete 
control by the author in that links may be added or deleted 
manually.     (07)

>From this, it is only a short step to thinking that a copy and paste 
operation never copies any actual text at all, but is simply an 
operation of creating a link that is complete enough to define 
the location of the subject fragment. In effect, a 'document' 
may be just a series of links that the HyperScope fetches and 
reconstructs for presentation.      (08)

Thank You and Best Regards, 
Joe     (09)