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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] What's a HyperScope?

> > How about the touchgraph purple number email
> archive
> > reader. You answer to nodes by clicking on the
> > paragraph and a new response is created with the
> > references. At least copied into the clipboard.
> I don't think I quite understand what you mean? Or
> more
> specifically, how does what you say fit into the
> larger picture?
I was thinking about the ability to view  this email
archive as a graph of references via the purple
numbers.     (01)

The list archive is already purplized, but it would be
very comfortable to have a viewer so you can just
click on a number and reference it.
 Sure you can do that in explorer, but my idea was to 
have a way to see the relationships between posts and 
how they evolve graphically. Like the touchgraph
google grapher.    (02)

> What I was speaking of was a CGI tool for displaying
> any web page,
> from anywhere, with purple numbers. The CGI takes a
> URL as input and
> provides the page with purple numbers as output. To
> make it work
> well, it could also rewrite links in the translated
> page as links
> through the CGI. With that, you can live in a purple
> numbered
> universe and have improved document addressibility.
that would also be great. As a CGI (is it perl?) this
could be used as part of a mailling list filter, so
you get all the mails purplized. That would also be a
great help for the usage of the numbers.    (03)

mike    (04)

James Michael DuPont    (05)

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