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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: Rethinking Licensing

John Maloney wrote:    (01)

> Mei-Lin -- 
> "May I propose that we use the BA-OHS-Talk list in the manner
> suggested by Chris Dent below, and that we move all other discussion to
> unrev?"
> Excellent suggestion. You have my vote to implement immediately.    (02)

So all discussions not directly pertinent to specification of the
OHS should no longer occur here? I guess that means I'll be among
those who will seem to disappear from view, as I am not on unrev
and am truly weary of yet one more divisionary mailing list in
what is really a small group of participants. The subject line was
good enough for me as a filter of interest here.    (03)

Until there are some major strides in how both idea and code
contributions to "OHS" are handled (both licensing-wise and in
terms of participatory process on specifications) I have little
else to formally add to this group. While I was happy to
contribute informally, I don't see dividing things up as a
positive move, so unless I'm mistaking this suggestion, I'll go
into lurk mode.    (04)

bye for now,    (05)

Murray    (06)

Murray Altheim                  <http://kmi.open.ac.uk/people/murray/>
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