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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: Rethinking Licensing

(This post in honor of Jon Awbrey.)    (01)

Murray,    (02)

I'd hate to think that a suggestion of mine caused yet another
valuable participant to slip out of view. I learn something from
you just about every time you post, and that's why I'm
participating: to learn things.    (03)

However, it does seem like something needs to be done, especially
if there is interest in getting Doug to participate. Your post
suggests that the state of the mailing lists is not a major
factor in participation, whereas licensing and process is.    (04)

The process and license suggested by Doug and Mei Lin in other
postings appear to be:    (05)

- OHS, including the preliminary HyperScope, is GPL
- participatory process involves
  - creating ideas on the list as focussed discussion
  - feeding them to Doug and some others on a weekly basis
  - refactoring the ideas based on feedback
  - coding prototypes of the ideas    (06)

Is that a correct or incorrect interpretation? Is that a good or
bad model?    (07)

If that model is followed, is the current list situation okay?    (08)

On Thu, 30 May 2002, Murray Altheim wrote:    (09)

> So all discussions not directly pertinent to specification of the
> OHS should no longer occur here? I guess that means I'll be among
> those who will seem to disappear from view, as I am not on unrev
> and am truly weary of yet one more divisionary mailing list in
> what is really a small group of participants. The subject line was
> good enough for me as a filter of interest here.
> Until there are some major strides in how both idea and code
> contributions to "OHS" are handled (both licensing-wise and in
> terms of participatory process on specifications) I have little
> else to formally add to this group. While I was happy to
> contribute informally, I don't see dividing things up as a
> positive move, so unless I'm mistaking this suggestion, I'll go
> into lurk mode.    (010)

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"Mediocrities everywhere--now and to come--I absolve you all! Amen!"
 -Salieri, in Peter Shaffer's Amadeus    (011)