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[ba-ohs-talk] On having two lists

Personally, I don't have a problem with two lists.
I signed up for both, and everything that comes in
goes to the same mailbox.    (01)

When I reply, it automatically goes to the list it
came from. When I send, I pick the one that
seems most relevant.    (02)

In essence, they are one list in my mailbox, with
two different categories I can use to tag messages.    (03)

I'd be happy to reserve ba-ohs-dev for use in the
discussion of technical matters relating to the ba
effort under development, whatever it happens to
be at the time. That was its original purpose -- to
provide a clear channel for the developers on that
project to communicate about it.    (04)

All other ideas, including weather control and
alternative OHS-ish implemenation ideas, belong
elsewhere.    (05)

Again, given that I view the lists more as categorizing,
rather than as any sort of division, I could see an
argument for
   ba-ohs-talk        (ohs/hyperscope implementation)
   other-ohs-tech   (wide open, but technical)
   ba-unrev-talk     (weather, etc.)    (06)