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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: Rethinking Licensing

Jack Park wrote:    (01)

> ...
> It is my opinion that email lists are not a particularly efficient way to
> conduct collaborative design.    (02)

Have to agree.    (03)

> ...
> It is to Eric Armstrong's credit that I and others on this list
> have discovered and begun to develop tools that support IBIS.    (04)

Thanks for the mention, Jack. I'll take credit for pushing it. But
it was your post that brought it to my attention. I wish I had the
time to investigate all of your other posts! I'd probably be a lot
better educated than I am today.    (05)

> I'd like to think that we will find a way to begin using IBIS in support of
> the
> evolution of an OHS.  Certainly, r-objects.com's Pepper could bring that
> online today.    (06)

Whoa! Why didn't I take a closer look at that earlier.
That looks killer! See
http://www.r-objects.com/products/pepper/gallery/    (07)

I think it will take some social rules (I have no idea what kind) to
know when to move to email for a discussion, and when to move
back to Pepper to capture pieces of it, but if IBIS will work, this
looks like a great way to test it.    (08)