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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: Rethinking Licensing

At 12:07 PM 5/31/2002 -0700, Eric wrote:
>I think it will take some social rules (I have no idea what kind) to
>know when to move to email for a discussion, and when to move
>back to Pepper to capture pieces of it, but if IBIS will work, this
>looks like a great way to test it.    (01)

Quite right.
I suspect there needs to be combinations of communications: areas where you 
are focused on some particular issue, and areas where you are hashing 
around vague notions of greatness, which, if done within IBIS, would likely 
clog that system and render it useless (or words to that effect).    (02)

Of great interest to me is the notion of using IBIS in an asynchronous 
mode.  Jeff Conklin's practice is largely synchronous (f2f, in meetings), 
near as I can tell, but f2f meetings are not always possible, particularly 
with a widely distributed network of participants.  Perhaps such an IBIS 
design process will necessarily be moderated, giving some entity (person or 
group) the right to nuke posts that are not germain to the particular 
branch of the discussion tree (or perhaps moving things around to suit), 
and, as has been suggested on this list before, providing summaries of 
branches, making decisions (perhaps, thus, closing branches to further 
discussion), and so forth.    (03)

I'd still argue that email may not satisfy the larger.  I suspect that a 
discussion board that offers relational views, along the lines visible at 
http://www.memes.net, but (here I'm not sure) quite possibly also available 
in Pepper, would be appropriate.  I've been building prototypes along these 
lines.    (04)

Perhaps the killer ap lies hidden in an email client that handles 
XML-structured posts such that one could subscribe to a branch of an IBIS 
tree and respond from an email client.  I've been thinking along these 
lines as well.    (05)

Jack    (06)