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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: Rethinking Licensing

At 12:20 PM 5/31/2002 -0700, Johannes wrote:
>Some of you on this list may be aware of on-going discussions between 
>Bootstrap and R-Objects on how Pepper could be made available to various 
>stakeholders of the Bootstrap Alliance. So yes, that thought has appeared 
>before and we're on it ...    (01)

I see what Johannes is doing as an (evolutionary) exploration of a branch 
of open source as we now know it.  I mentioned earlier that Jason Hunter 
has a license that essentially says: you can use this source code so long 
as you own a copy of my book.  My interpretation of what Johannes is doing 
in allowing users access to the code lies along the same, or a greatly 
similar branch of licensing thinking.    (02)

Were I not so busy building my own toys, I'd likely jump in and play with 
Pepper.  Oddly enough, that stance is, in my view, one of the great 
inhibitors to the free-flow of creativity in our community. I simply cannot 
take the risk of infecting my code with ideas I got from viewing Pepper's 
code, even though I know that Pepper has solved tough problems I face as well.    (03)

Personally, I think I just opened one helluva topic for an IBIS discussion.    (04)

Jack    (05)