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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Hyperscope Launch Plan & The Digital Promise Project: A Digital Gift to the Nation

and gone ...    (01)

Perhaps, the following links will help your penultimate prejudice that is
plagued by doubt?    (02)

1) DARPA NGI Talk: the Digital Gaia
The grandest playground we've ever had    (03)

The Internet is a huge laboratory for experimenting with collaboration. In the
next ten years we will probably see more innovation in social contracts than
in all preceding time.    (04)

The accepted wisdom of the new age (which, as with all accepted wisdom, may
occasionally lead to disaster):    (05)

   * Design so as to postpone irrevocable decisions until the last moment.
   * Avoid creating infrastructure that cannot achieve a quick payoff (or at
     least quick market recognition).    (06)

< http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/faculty/vinge/misc/18feb00.html >    (07)

2) AHM2001 Talk: Imagining the Future
Unleashing the world's greatest computational resource    (08)

That "greatest computational resource" is still ... humanity itself.    (09)

In fact, the Internet has unleashed some of that power. With the proper
high-level architectures, the Internet could make twentieth century levels of
innovation and creativity look like Middle
Ages.    (010)

How can we find those "proper high-level architectures"?
The Internet is a huge laboratory for experimenting with collaboration.
< http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/faculty/vinge/misc/npaci.html >    (011)

3) Misc. Essays < http://www-rohan.sdsu.edu/faculty/vinge/misc >:    (012)

The Technological Singularity & How to Survive in the Post-Human Era
This essay discusses some implications of trend curves in computer hardware.    (013)

Nature, Bloody in Tooth and Claw?
This essay was written for the 1996 British National Science Fiction
Convention (Evolution).    (014)

Asteroid satellites and tidal moraines
Near collisions between asteroids can create satellites and interesting
surface features.    (015)

Grant Bowman wrote:    (016)

> * John J. Deneen <jjdeneen@netzero.net> [020529 18:46]:
> > Using part of the proceeds derived from the sale of wireless frequencies
> > in the electromagnetic spectrum to underwrite the development of new
> > content is long overdue and is an idea whose time has certainly come.
> > < http://www.digitalpromise.org/events.asp >
> and gone...
> --
> -- Grant Bowman                                <grantbow@grantbow.com>    (017)