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[ba-ohs-talk] OHS/DKR Design for KM and Licensing

Jack,    (01)

Thanks for sharing progress on your system for a collective learning
machine (CLM), cited in your letter on May 17.  As you add content to
links on your web site, please share examples of work product showing
how learning is improved through the collective model being
developed.  Is this part of Nexist or a separate project?    (02)

Thanks.    (03)

Rod    (04)

*************    (05)

Jack Park wrote:
> A while back, I began to collect my thoughts.  Far from complete, and, in
> fact, I haven't touched those pages for a while now.  However, perhaps it's
> time to reveal them and see what might come of that.
> http://www.thinkalong.com/JP/cpc/
> Cheers
> Jack    (06)