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[ba-ohs-talk] integration scenario's for Groove and Radio

For the big groove fans on the list.  --Alex


"Matt Pope on Dialog, Radio and Groove
When the conversation merits multi-channel, synhronous dialog, a natural and seamless transition into a Groove shared space from Radio would be very cool. Within Groove, the communication is private and secure between the small group of individuals that need to be intimately engaged. It's like email except exponentially better because it truly is secure, and it is more dynamic, and it can be synchronous, and it can incorporate context (e.g. documents, pictures, markup, etc.) more readily. When the Groove communication ends, the thread, along with any supporting data, can be integrated back to the Radio environment for a wider audience to see. That would be nice. With Tim Knip's wares and edge services, this type of integration is becoming much simpler."