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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: JoDI: Interactivity in Digital Libraries special issue

This seems particularly appropriate to the relationships evolving between 
Digital Libraries and OHS...    (01)

>Journal of Digital Information announces
>A SPECIAL ISSUE on Interactivity in Digital Libraries
>(Volume 2, issue 4, June 2002)
>Special issue Editors: Anita Coleman and Maliaca Oxnam, University of
>Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA
>  From the special issue editorial
>Advances in Internet technologies have made it seemingly possible and easy
>to create digital collections, repositories and libraries. However,
>facilitating interaction beyond searching and browsing is in the early
>stages. Interactive digital libraries are still evolving.
>The problems facing digital library design can be reframed as three
>challenges, in the areas of:
>* Information Spaces
>* Learning Spaces
>* Interaction Spaces
>The information-learning-interaction spaces challenge provides a framework
>and directs digital library research and development to the human rather
>than just the technical problems. It is also grounded in the realization
>that libraries, whether they are digital or traditional, are socially
>constructed, and that the values of a society are embodied in the use of a
>library. We invite the community to discuss and explore. The papers in this
>issue show how current projects and initiatives are handling some of the
>The issue includes the following papers:
>J. Clark, B. Slator, W. Perrizo, J. Landrum, R. Frovarp, A. Bergstrom, S.
>Ramaswamy, W. Jockheck
>Digital Archive Network for Anthropology
>B. Domenico, J. Caron, E. Davis, R. Kambic, S. Nativi
>Thematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services (THREDDS):
>Incorporating Interactive Analysis Tools into NSDL
>S. Hoban, M. desJardins, N. Farrell, P. Rathod, J. Sachs, S. Sansare, Y.
>Yesha, J. Keating, B. Busschots, J. Means, G. Clark, L. Mayo, W. Smith
>Virtual Telescopes in Education
>C. Klaus, K. Andrew, G. Mace
>Atmospheric Visualization Collection: Developments in the NSDL
>H. Lee, A. Smeaton
>Designing the User Interface for the Fischlar Digital Video Library
>X. Liu, K. Maly, M. Zubair, Q. Hong, M. Nelson, F. Knudson, I. Holtkamp
>Federated Searching Interface Techniques for Heterogeneous OAI Repositories
>S. Moore, A. Baker, J. Dongarra, C. Halloy, C. Ng
>Active Netlib: An Active Mathematical Software Collection for Inquiry-based
>Computational Science and Engineering Education
>M. Salampasis, K. Diamantaras
>Experimental User-Centered Evaluation of an Open Hypermedia System and Web
>Information Seeking Environments
>D. Yaron, D. Milton, R. Freeland
>Linked Active Content for Digital Libraries for Education
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>via the Web. JoDI is currently free to users thanks to support from the
>British Computer Society and Oxford University Press
>http://jodi.ecs.soton.ac.uk/    (02)