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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] OHS version plan

I noticed somthing interesting     (01)

 [<]  Software Engineering  2D8    (02)

Structured source code, cross referencing between
source, design, requirements, bug reports, user
documentation; click on procedure name to access its
source; OO structure semi-automatic; each line of code
stamped with time/ID of last edit for filtered view
(e.g. who last changed this part of the code, or show
all statements edited since a certain date/time); see
also Project Management and Continuous Improvement,
Learning, Technology Transfer 2D8A 
</SNIP>    (03)

I dont see how you are going to provide this under an
APACHE license, 
all of the good open source compiler work in under GPL
as far as I have seen.     (04)

The GNU project has been working for 10 year and more
on creating free software development tools and
compiler technology.    (05)

If you want to reuse it, you will have problems
relicensing it. 
Even my contributions have been excluded by the new
license for now.     (06)

The work that I have been doing on the introspector
project moves in the direction of what you are
proposing, and it is alot of work, even if I can use
GPLed code.    (07)

mike    (08)

James Michael DuPont    (09)

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