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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] NexistWiki 3-layer Architecture

Hi Rod,
Good questions! Thanks.    (01)

If you visit http://www.nexist.org/wiki/Doc2740Page you will see some 
sketches of Version 2 which is a different (functional) view of three layers:
         user interface
         middle tier
         datastore    (02)

Now, within that architecture, there is room for the logical three layers I 
and others (like Lee Iverson) have referenced in the past.  That logical 
layout, from my point of view was
         user interface
         knowledge layer
         raw information layer    (03)

User Interface is and always will be a kind of "lens" (Mary Keeler's word) 
into the information universe.  It's also the interface where user's create 
new information resources, which reside (always) in the raw information 
layer (which is the datastore).    (04)

Knowledge layer is where the action is.  It functionally resides in the 
datastore, but it is manipulated and maintained in the middle tier (which 
does not exist in NexistWiki Version 1 -- what you play with on the Web 
now; instead, part of its functionality is hard wired in the guts (not a 
middle tier) of Version 1).    (05)

Middle tier will be (as you can see at the link above) essentially a 
coordination system with a "society of software agents" each of which has 
some functionality related to building and maintaining Knowledge layer.    (06)

In relation to your discussion at 
I remain convinced that SDS functionality is an important demonstration of 
the power that can and will eventually be captured and utilized in a full 
monty OHS implementation.  I also believe that SDS functionality can be 
built right into NexistWiki; perhaps you and Gary might imagine how that 
could be done.  As I have stated earlier, the "society of software agents" 
capability enables proprietary plug in widgets to be dropped into 
NexistWiki at will.  Of course, the licensing of NexistWiki intends to 
prevent proprietary additions to the NexistWiki suite from locking out the 
larger project's natural evolution in  the same or similar 
directions.  This has been one of Douglas Engelbart's concerns and it is 
one of mine as well.  In the spirit of the OHS vision, nothing should get 
in the way of the project evolving to suit the ever-changing needs of its 
users.    (07)

Version 1 of NexistWiki is, as I said, an engineering prototype. I just 
don't think I'm smart enough to see or understand all the potential use 
cases and scenarios for which it may be suited, so I put it up to see what 
might happen.  Right now, there are only a couple of dozen users.  I have 
no idea how the program will react when hundreds or thousands of users log 
on; it's on an ancient wintel box right now, awaiting installation on a new 
G4 PowerMac that I bought for the project.    (08)

The primary hypothesis being explored with NexistWiki is this:
         A seamless integration of evolvable story telling structures with 
orthogonal discussion/argumentation structures will facilitate palpable 
improvement in the ability to articulate, discuss, and evolve solutions to 
complex, urgent problems.    (09)

Truth be told, I got forced to bring the site online now because it is 
referenced on the back cover of the book _XML Topic Maps_ and there's 
nothing worse than the famous 404 HTTP error message when owners of the new 
book go looking for its home page on the Web.  I suppose a site with a 
terribly unintuitive user interface is almost as bad, but the site exists 
and it is evolving as fast as I can move it along.    (010)

Jack    (011)

At 11:25 AM 8/13/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Great news on advancing toward the OHS/DKR with Nexist Wiki, as
>related in your letter today.  Does this apply the three (3) layer
>architecture you an Mary Keeler discussed at SRI on 000518....
>This came up recently on 020730 in a letter from Gary Johnson, and I
>asked at that time if Gary's ideas for SDS implement or in some way
>address your planning for a 3-layer architecture...
>Of course you have something entirely different in mind, and so this
>gives rise to asking the master architect.  For example, what
>scenarios, or use cases, are envisioned for NexistWiki.  If is is
>readily integrated in a way that adds value to existing methods, this
>is a big boost toward the OHS/DKR objective.
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > XML Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web.
> > Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-74960-2.    (012)