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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: HyperCuP on JXTA in Edutella

>From: "Mario Schlosser" <schloss@db.stanford.edu>
>To: <discuss@edutella.jxta.org>
>Dear all,
>We've implemented our P2P topology construction protocol HyperCuP on
>Our implementation consists of a new peer group, HypercupPeerGroup,
>which contains a new service dubbed HypercupService. This service's
>implementation in HypercupServiceImpl implements the original HyperCuP
>protocol, about which more information is to be found on    (01)

<note>http://www-db.stanford.edu/~schloss/hypercup.html</note>    (02)

>p2p.semanticweb.org/hypercup, including papers/presentations introducing
>the protocol and its properties.
>Note that there is a new directory src/net/jxta/edutella/hypercup with
>two subdirectories: peer/ contains the source code implementing HyperCuP
>on JXTA as well as a test application. rendezvous/ contains the source
>code for a HyperCuP rendezvous peer which creates the HypercupGroup and
>publishes and refreshes its advertisement.
>You're very welcome to get in touch with me to discuss questions and
>Mario    (03)