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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Collaborative Editing / Tracking?

Just my two cents on design for such applications:    (01)

Our difficulty arises because most word processors today have a serious case
of identity problem. Along with the disastrous (to office automation, at
least) introduction of GUIs, most effort has gone into WYSIWY(suposed to)G.
Efficiency has gone out the Windows.    (02)

I'd like to see something like MS-Word 5 (no version later than that, not
5.5!), which had a highly efficient text-based interface
(http://www.memecentral.com/mylife.htm).    (03)

Nota Bene (http://www.notabene.com/brochure/notabene.html) attempts to
retain some of the benefits of a text-based interface. If I find that it
does revision tracking, I'll post here.    (04)

Malcolm Dean    (05)