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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Ideagraph 0.5 release (+source)

> (Apologies for any cross-posts)
> I'm pleased to announce that a new beta of Ideagraph is now available
> for
> free download, also the source code (for non-commercial use). 
this looks pretty good.
But I think that I am not good enough a lawyer to figure out the
most people use only OSI approved open source licenses, because they
see that the author wants to submit it to a public body. I have seen
too many GUI applications that start as semi-open source and then are
sold off later, leaving the users in a bad situation.    (01)

I dont know if I can use this app in a GPLed environment and distribute
it as part of my GPLd application?    (02)

mike    (03)

James Michael DuPont
http://introspector.sourceforge.net/    (04)

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