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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Ideagraph 0.5 release (+source)

--- Danny Ayers <danny666@virgilio.it> wrote:
> >Danny, I understand this issue well. Perhaps I don't understand it
> well
> >enough to analyze it in the context(s) it should be taken in, but I
> think
> >that you, along with most other "hackers" who participate here, know
> fully
> >well that there are more than enough open source libraries 'out
> there'
> >that, whatever we do, it won't be all that hard for others to do
> >it as well.
> Well yes, indeed. For a lot of applications (my own included) it
> could even
> work out easier for a developer to simply look at what it does and
> rebuild
> from scratch.     (01)

And if you include the source, then it is even easier. In fact, I have
a problem looking at non-free sources. 
You might want to look at the idea of the "Ransom"
http://www.theoretic.com/?Ransom    (02)

I think that the real benfit from open source is that many people are
working towards a commit goal. They all are able to make profits out of
the common work. If your business model cannot factor in free labor,
while giving up control over the IP, then it is not compatible with
open source.    (03)

> In the case of my own project, fact is that whatever I might prefer
> to do
> right now, I've committed myself to there being some closed
> (commercial)
> aspect. This constraint is effectively new to me, and I still haven't
> really
> figured out the implications. The hope that this constraint might
> mean the
> bills get paid, well, that turns it into an interesting experiment...
ok, I respect your wishes, and also wish (but dont need at this moment)
to support myself from selling software. I hope to sell cds with all
the source code on it, with a handbook. People like to buy things...    (04)

In anycase, I hope that you have some good luck with your project
mike    (05)

James Michael DuPont
http://introspector.sourceforge.net/    (06)

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