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[ba-ohs-talk] Harvard's Openlaw Project with Annottion Engine

A possible CODIAK opportunity for OHS Purple, Plink, and PurpleSlurp 
developers?    (01)

Also, does anybody have any comments about possibly applying NetViz 
(aka: Concept-Document-Extract-Network Visualization) to Doug's OHS 
Framework for sharing with Ben Houston < http://www.exocortex.org/ben > 
and I?
< http://www.exocortex.org/netviz >
< http://www.exocortex.org/ben/netviz-mulvern.ppt >    (02)

Happy New Year!
- John
See: The Microsoft Case
< http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/msdoj/ >    (03)

How can I suggest a new tool or discussion format?    (04)

We're always looking for ways to improve the Openlaw process, in 
addition to the collaboration tools listed here 
<http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/tools/>. If you have technical or 
procedural suggestions, or thoughts that do not relate to a particular 
legal matter, please send them to openlaw@eon.law.harvard.edu 
<mailto:openlaw@eon.law.harvard.edu?Subject=Openlaw%20suggestion>.    (05)

What is Openlaw?    (06)

    Openlaw is an experiment in crafting legal argument in an open
    forum. With your assistance, we will develop arguments, draft
    pleadings, and edit briefs online. You are invited to join the
    process by adding thoughts to the "brainstorm" bulletin boards,
    drafting and commenting on drafts in progress, and suggesting
reference sources.    (07)

Why Openlaw?    (08)

    Building on the model of open source software, we believe that an
    open development process best harnesses the distributed resources of
    the Internet community. What we lose in secrecy, we expect to regain
in depth of sources and breadth of argument.    (09)

The Annotation Engine is Free Software < 
http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/projects/annotate.html >. The source code 
in progress is available here 
<http://eon.law.harvard.edu/annotate/annotate.tar.gz> < 
http://eon.law.harvard.edu/annotate/annotate.tar.gz >. It requires Perl, 
the LWP::UserAgent package, HTTP::Parser, Date::Manip, and mySQL. Visit 
the Sourceforge <http://sourceforge.net/projects/annotate/> project page 
< http://sourceforge.net/projects/annotate/ > for more development 
information.    (010)

  Annotation Engine    (011)

The Annotation Engine <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cite/annotate.cgi> < 
http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cite/annotate.cgi > is a set of Perl scripts 
<http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/projects/annotate.html#source> < 
http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/projects/annotate.html#source > and a 
database that allows readers anywhere to add comments to web pages 
anywhere else. The comments, URL, and location pointers are stored in 
the database here, enabling the Annotation Engine to add them to a page 
before it is displayed. The engine does not copy the remote web page 
itself, only adds its extra information to the HTTP stream when it is 
called to proxy a page.    (012)

Test it here!
<http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cite/annotate.cgi?view=http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/projects/annotate/text.html>    (013)

The Annotation Engine is a tool in development. In online and classroom 
courses, teachers may use the engine to mark selections of web pages as 
recommended or required reading, and students may add notes for 
themselves or the class. It is also being used in the Openlaw 
<http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/> project < 
http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/ > for public comment on working drafts.    (014)

Openlaw is an experiment in crafting legal argument in an open forum. 
With your assistance, we will develop arguments, draft pleadings, and 
edit briefs in public, online. Non-lawyers and lawyers alike are invited 
to join the process by adding thoughts to the "brainstorm" outlines, 
drafting and commenting on drafts in progress, and suggesting reference 
< http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/ >    (015)

Openlaw continues to experiment with various collaboration tools 
<http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/tools/> < 
http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/tools/ > to connect its participants.    (016)

Collaboration Tools    (017)

Openlaw is an experiment in process, as well as product. We are 
continually testing different tools to facilitate collective discussion 
and collaborative development of argument. Different modes, including 
web, email, and chat, help at different stages of the development.    (018)

    * Website <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/> <
      http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/ >, with htDig
      <http://htdig.org> search engine < http://htdig.org >    (019)

          Openlaw is organized by cases, each with its own website. The
          website serves as document file, resource library, archive,
          and collection of links relevant to the case. The search
          engine can be set to index only pages within the case site.    (020)

    * FAQs, e.g. dvd-discuss FAQ
      <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/DVD/dvd-discuss-faq.html> <
      http://eon.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/DVD/dvd-discuss-faq.html >
      Frequently Asked Questions documents (FAQs), generated from the
      online discussions, provide a knowledge base and an introduction
      for new visitors.
    * Majordomo <http://majordomo.greatcircle.org/> <
      http://majordomo.greatcircle.org/ > and MHonarc
      <http://mhonarc.org> <http://mhonarc.org > or Mailman
      <http://mailman.gnu.org/> < http://mailman.gnu.org/ > mailing list
      and web archive
      Mailing lists (listservs) often provide rapid feedback (and high
      volume) discussion, as mail from all participants goes to everyone
      else. Archiving by date and message-thread helps keep a record of
      past discussion. The lists are used for brainstorming, news
      updates, and exchange of drafts. In most cases, they are
      structured in levels:
          o discuss: general discussion, unmoderated
          o digest: daily compilation of the discuss list
          o announce: moderated list for relatively infrequent
          o dvd-discuss archives
            <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/archive/dvd-discuss> <
            http://eon.law.harvard.edu/archive/dvd-discuss >    (021)

    * TWiki collaborative web <http://twiki.sourceforge.net> <
      http://twiki.sourceforge.net/ >
      The TWiki is a web sub-site in which users can edit and add pages.
      The Twiki preserves a record of changes to its pages, enabling us
      to annotate documents and update drafts, while comparing pages
      with their earlier versions.
          o Openlaw/DVD WikiWeb <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/twiki> <
            http://eon.law.harvard.edu/twiki/bin/view/Openlaw/OpenlawDVD >
    * Annotation Master <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cite/annotate.cgi> <
      http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cite/annotate.cgi >
      The Annotation Master (still in alpha release) allows users to add
      notes to existing web pages on this server or elsewhere. Readers
      can suggest changes to a document or overlay corrections to
      propaganda from the other side.
          o Responses to the MPAA FAQ
    * HyperNews <http://hypernews.org> bulletin board <
      http://hypernews.org >
      Message boards enable long-term exploration of topic "threads."
          o Openlaw/DVD bulletin board
            <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/HyperNews/get3/opendvd.html> <
            http://eon.law.harvard.edu/HyperNews/get3/opendvd.html >
          o Eldred v. Reno outline
            <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/HyperNews/get3/openlaw.html>, <
            http://eon.law.harvard.edu/HyperNews/get3/openlaw.html >
            (login as guest, guest)
    * Phorums threaded messaging (e.g. MS-DOJ discussion
      <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/msdoj/discuss>) <
      http://eon.law.harvard.edu/msdoj/discuss >
    * Rotisserie exchange of comments and responses
    * Hosting of drafts and commentary    (022)

Odds and ends:    (023)

    * Lawcite <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cite/udrp.cgi> UDRP decision
      linker < http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cite/udrp.cgi >
    * LinkOut <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cite/nolink.cgi><
      http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cite/nolink.cgi >
    * LinkItAll <http://eon.law.harvard.edu/linkit.html> <
      http://eon.law.harvard.edu/linkit.html >    (024)

Introducing NetZero Long Distance
1st month Free!
Sign up today at: www.netzerolongdistance.com    (025)