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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] FW: Re: paper clip - linked files - feature request]

>"Garold (Gary) L. Johnson" wrote:
>> From the Chandler project.
>> From the pdf paper:
>> We predicted
>> that filers' attempts to evaluate and categorise incoming documents would
>> produce smaller archives that were
>> accessed frequently. Contrary to our predictions, filers amassed more
>> information, and accessed it less frequently
>> than pilers. We argue that filers may engage in premature
>filing: to clear
>> their workspace, they archive information
>> that later turns out to be of low value. Given the effort involved in
>> organising data, they are also loath to discard
>> filed information, even when its value is uncertain. We discuss the
>> implications of this research for digital personal
>> information management.
>Makes sense to me. When it comes to email, I'm a "filer". I keep lots of
>crap that's stuffed into a huge folder hierarchy. I don't purge it, because
>it's too much trouble to go through it all! Plus, I know that in 5
>to 10 years,
>so other system will come along, or I'll have a new job, and I'll have to
>start all over again anyway...    (01)

I suppose I'm a filer too, and there's a credit waiting for the Chandler
project which fills me with deja vu - Outlook/ISP tells me no space left.
Hilarious really, but a fact of the M$ age.
But I'm pretty confident that all the folks here scan before filing - we get
a paper, make a stab at what it's about before sticking it in the cabinet.
Despite years of abuse within moderate age, my memory still isn't that bad,
so I can remember *most* of the abstracts...but if I want to put my hand on
something I thought of just now, that ties in with something I saw ten years
ago - not a chance. Bloody frustrating. Come on fellows - I can't even find
stuff I wrote myself ten years ago. Five years ago. One year ago. (I was
writing a bloody parser, got stuck, did a Google on the specific thing and
found my own stuff at the top of the list - I'd been there before). This is
the stuff machines should take off our hands. The lovely bit is that coding
only needs relatively short-term memory. We build tools for that.    (02)

2003    (03)

more tools    (04)

please    (05)

Danny.    (06)

(listening to Beethoven's 7th, which loops like mad)    (07)